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Helping Families Plan for the Future

The Edwards Law Firm welcomes you to the Estate Planning resource center for Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach and Orange Park, FL.  Our Estate Planning attorneys strive to provide you with quality Estate Planning, advanced Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration services. Our professional staff will be happy to help you gain the knowledge you need to protect your financial goals and preserve it for future generations.

Estate Planning and Wills in Orange Park, FL

A Will is a powerful Estate Planning document designed so that your wealth and possessions re distributed in accordance to your wishes. A Will can help eliminate uncertainties about how your estate should be managed and can also reduce the amount of time spent in a Probate court. Without a Will, a Probate court decides how your assets are managed. The Estate Planning attorneys at our Orange Park, FL law firm can assist with creating your Will, seeing it through the Probate process, and distributing your estate as indicated.

Living Trusts and Estate Planning

Our experienced Estate Planning lawyers in Orange Park, FL can help you with the creation and the administration of your Living Trust. Included in your Estate Plan, a Living Trust is a legal Estate Planning document that allocates your assets into a Trust while you are alive. The Trust specifies how you want your property distributed in the event of a death or if you become incapacitated. Find out how a Living Trust can also help avoid Probate.

Probate and Trust Administration Lawyers In Orange Park, FL

Our Probate and Trust Administration attorneys in Orange Park, FL are experienced in helping those grieving the loss of a loved one get through the Probate and Trust Administration process. Executing a Will in Probate court and administering a Trust requires the legal knowledge and experience that many don’t have. Without proper help from an Estate Planning attorney, more time may be spent in court than necessary.

Orange Park, FL Advanced Estate Planning

Advanced Estate Planning is essential to protecting your financial and material wealth for your family. Here in Orange Park, FL, our qualified Estate Planning lawyers can help you with a variety of advanced Estate Planning techniques. We can handle Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Grantor Retained Income Trusts, Family Foundations and other advanced Estate Planning techniques to keep the wealth that you have developed in your family.

Other Estate Planning Services Offered in Our Orange Park, Office Include:

Legacy Planning In Orange Park, FL

While Estate Planning deals with safeguarding your financial assets, our Estate Planning attorneys can also assist with the preservation of your family heirlooms and stories. With a Legacy Plan, you can help ensure that your heirlooms, stories and life messages are passed on to future generations and can help ensure that your legacy lives on.

Orange Park, FL Family Owned Businesses and Farms

Preserving your family business or farm is important and our law firm can design an Estate Plan to help protect your family’s business or farm against many legal issues. The Estate Planning attorneys at our Orange Park, FL law firm can help to ensure that it is safe for future generations.

Estate Planning For the LGBT Community in Orange Park, FL

The Estate Planning law office of Edward Law Firm understands the unique Estate Planning needs of the LGBT Community. Our clients will benefit from Living Trusts and health care directives prepared by one of our Estate Planning attorneys. The Orange Park, FL law firm can help you ensure that you are in charge of your own future.

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